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 “Shedding The Shackles: Women’s Empowerment Through Craft.” Bloomsbury/ Herbert Press is available now.

It is available at all good bookstores, Bloomsbury, Amazon etc.
It has been widely acclaimed and is featured in many journal and magazine articles both in the UK and USA. It has been the subject of several radio interviews, podcasts and online events and presentations.

Some  reviews:

A colourful celebration of women and craft!

Reviewed in Canada on July 30, 2021

“I love everything about this brilliant, beautiful book. Not only are the photographs stunning, but Lynne Stein is a thorough researcher and a gifted storyteller. She brings to life the history of women and craft in various parts of the world, as well as sharing stories of exceptionally talented individuals which are both fascinating and inspirational.

Whether you enjoy crafting yourself, or you are simply interested in women’s history and how the boundaries between ‘fine art’ and craft have blurred in recent decades, you will find rich reading in Shedding the Shackles. It’s a colourful celebration of an important topic.

Bravo, Lynne Stein! You’ve done a super job of showing how women in various parts of the world have shed the shackles of poverty and taken their rightful places amongst those we reverently call “artists”.   Podcast for KGNU radio in Boulder, Colorado, hosted by Miriam Schiff. It lasts 25 minutes. Have a listen:  


 “Rag Rug Creations; an Exploration of Colour and Surface” (Bloomsbury 2014) is now sadly out of print. However an exciting new edition entitled, “Hook, Prod, Punch, Tuft: Creative Techniques with Fabric and Fibre”, which includes additional tools, techniques and projects will be available in March 2023. 

“A super book filled with colour and great techniques.”

“I’ve been following her work for at least 12 years. she is witty in her craft and her pieces are beautifully created, and shows her enthusiasm for what she makes. I highly recommend her book.”


Updates to follow.